Tips for Choosing Halal Meat


Meat is one food that is often consumed. Therefore, how to choose meat that is fresh, halal, and safe for consumption is very important. What should be considered to choose fresh and halal meat?

The case of selling wild boar meat that was rife on the market some time ago became a lesson for Muslims to be more careful. Because of that, get to know the characteristics of various types of meat so as not to be fooled.

Consumers usually are not too good at distinguishing types of large animal meat because it has an almost similar appearance. Small livestock such as poultry is even easier to distinguish because the types of meat are very different.

Usually, meat that is legally slaughtered alias is cut by the procedure for cutting according to Islamic law is marked by a purple stamp that comes from the local Animal Husbandry Service. Therefore, buy meat in official places.

In traditional markets, for example, beef or chicken are sold separately from pork-selling booths. While at the supermarket, make sure the place does not sell pork. Because even though it is sold in a separate rack, there is no guarantee that separation will also be carried out in the cold room and the use of equipment. Do not hesitate to ask the supermarket about the origin of meat and whether there is a halal certificate.

Usually good beef has the appearance of shiny, bright (red) or not pale, does not smell sour or rotten. When held, the meat will also feel wet but not sticky in hand, elastic and not soft.

For a whole chicken, pay attention to the neck to determine whether or not the slaughter is done perfectly. Avoid chickens that have a red/blue color or bruises on their skin, because this indicates that the chicken has died before it is slaughtered.

Don't be tempted by the price offer, which is cheaper than the market price, especially if the meat is sold by seasonal/unofficial traders. For those who want to buy in bulk, buy at distributors, both local and imported products with a halal certificate attached to them. Also make sure the manufacturer's name and address, slaughter date or lot number listed in the certificate match those printed on the package.

Now, by consuming fresh and halal meat from Sats BRF Food, of course, in addition to more delicious also makes Muslim consumers can enjoy it without anxiety.

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